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Small Aperture Audio System

Architectural Speaker & Subwoofer

Premium performance audio with a small ceiling opening optimized for aesthetics, performance, and flexibility.

SC-IC3 In-Ceiling Speaker

Dynamic and impactful sound in a compact form factor with a 3.5” carbon fiber woofer and a 4.75” opening

SC-IC8-SUB In-Ceiling Subwoofer

Best-in-class, deep bass performance through a 4.75" opening to meet the aesthetic needs of the modern home
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Small Aperture Speakers and Subwoofer by Nice

The compact SC-IC3 Speaker features a high-excursion 3.5" carbon fiber woofer, and a proportionately massive 1" aluminum tweeter. A heavyweight ferrite magnet and custom crossover design, including a capacitor boost circuit, enhances low-frequency performance—pumping out high fidelity sound through a 4.75" opening.

The SC-IC-SUB8 Subwoofer is designed to hide the woofer cabinet and port deep bass through a 4.75" opening. It features a custom 8.27” polypropylene woofer, dual 1.5" voice coils, precision tuned port tube and a vinyl wrapped MDF cabinet, mounted to a single joist.

The SC-IC-3 and SC-IC-SUB8 were designed in tandem with the SC4-100 4-Channel Amplifier to deliver three-way, full ranged sound in a complete system optimized for aesthetics, performance and flexibility.

Distributed Audio Designed for Aesthetics

Distributed Audio Designed for Aesthetics

Each speaker and subwoofer includes two low profile, paintable grilles for a round or square finish to match custom recessed lighting, fixtures and ceiling color. An optional flush-mount mudbank is available for a near invisible finish.

Hardware Specifications

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