M-Bar / L-Bar Hero

M-Bar / L-Bar

Barrier arm for traffic control.

Nice barriers are designed to control vehicle access to parking garages, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, or other types of public facilities.


24VDC operator


Arm lengths from 8-to-29 ft


Available battery backup maintains operations in case of power outage


Automatically switches to standby mode when idle to reduce consumption and save energy
M-Bar / L-Bar Callout
  1. Convenient to service via easy access through top cover
  2. Keyed mechanical release
  3. Elliptical bar with high resistance to wind gusts
  4. BlueBUS photo eye can be seated in the cabinet interior
  5. Steel case resistant to corrosion and oxidation
  6. Optional flashing light

Technical Specifications

Nice barrier arms are available in a different sizes depending on arm length. All models feature 24VDC drive with digital motion control for fast, smooth operation.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our M-Bar / L-Bar product spec sheet.

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