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TITAN Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator for single or dual gates using AC or solar power.

TITAN enables easy, fast installation with smooth and quiet operation in a refined package. Modular components plus a locking manual release equals the right balance of sophistication and security.


Move gate leafs up to 1,000 pounds and 20 feet

Easy Maintenance

Modular, field replaceable components for easy maintenance


Easy access to limit switch adjustment


Locking manual release prevents unauthorized access, allows operation during power outage
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  1. Modular, field-replaceable components with an elegant, refined design
  2. Locking manual release prevents unauthorized access while allowing manual operation during power outages
  3. Advanced 1050 controller available with soft start / soft stop feature which provides low-noise operation and reduces wear and tear on the gate equipment
  4. New patent pending Pivot Bolt reduces gate binding and false entrapment detections

Simple UL 325 Compliance.

Mercury 310, the newest Nice residential controller, is available for purchase in bundles with an AC transformer or Solar option.

Mercury 310 Controller

Technical Specifications

Designed with modularity in mind, TITAN is available as an all-in-one TITANKIT that has everything needed for a complete installation. Each TITAN linear actuator has field replaceable components that eliminates the need to return it to the shop for repairs.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our TITAN Linear Actuator product spec sheet.

* Actual battery backed up cycles will depend on gate resistance to travel, cycle length, battery health, ambient temperature, accessory power draw and frequency of gate cycles during power outage.  
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