WedgeSmart DC Hero

WedgeSmart™ DC

Wedge and barrier arm hybrid anti-theft solution.

Crash-engineered dual barrier stops passenger vehicles traveling up to 30 mph. WedgeSmart DC is the perfect single solution for fleet protection and vehicle access control.


Surface mounted for easy, quick installation


Integrated lighting for safety


Independently operated barrier arm for high traffic periods


Operate for up to 150 cycles after AC power loss with optional UPS backup
WedgeSmart DC Callout
  1. Bright red/green integrated traffic light
  2. LED lighted arm increases safety
  3. Reflective red/white stripe tape
  4. Resilient bumper reduces the possibility of injury or vehicle damage
  5. Red bumpers provide visible safety striping and reduce plate vibration and noise
  6. Operator arm and wedge independently
  7. Zinc-plated chassis and wedge plate are abrasion and corrosion resistant

Smart Vehicle Detection.

Hy5B™ integrates with the Smart Touch controller to offer unique control and monitoring features in an inductive vehicle detector. It has automatic sensitivity control and onboard diagnostics for trouble free service.

Hy5B Detector

Technical Specifications

Combine versatility with control and simplicity with a dual 24V DC system with UPS backup power, right and left side models, and a variety of widths.

Complete technical specifications can be found on our WedgeSmart DC product spec sheet.

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