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September 14, 2017

Great Success for Nice Motorized Screen Systems at CEDIA 2017

Last week, Nice was among the protagonists at the CEDIA 2017 Expo in San Diego, California, the leading event in connected technology bringing together the most important names in the home tech industry. The show was a great success for Nice, which introduced the Era Inn System: the smart and versatile new solution for window blind control that quietly optimizes the effectiveness of natural light.

The system can manage natural light smartly, and is easily adjustable to meet room environmental conditions and personal tastes for the ultimate wellbeing in any living/working space. The Era Inn system is silent, precise, safe, and compatible with a wide range of user-friendly Nice control systems, including a touch-less activation device and a user-friendly app for remote management. Offering the ultimate in blind management, the system offers exclusive features for adjustable speed control, object detection, and the ability for adjacent blinds to move at the same speed for absolute hem bar alignment.

Nice at CEDIA 2017

The Era Inn system integrates control of the sunlight coming through windows with other home environmental control systems for maximum comfort, reduced glare and minimal energy use.

Interior designers, architects and contractors can partner with the Nice Group for comprehensive and innovative application of the Era Inn system that meets their clients’ home and building energy system automation needs.

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