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March 9, 2021

Disrupting the Professional-Install Security Market, Nortek Control Unveils the 2GIG® EDGE™ Security and Automation Panel Packed with Industry Firsts

Secure face recognition touchless disarm, live view camera compatibility all built on the foundation of reliability and data privacy — tested by hundreds of integrators  

CARLSBAD, Calif., March 9, 2021 — Revolutionizing the pro-install security market, Nortek Control today launched the 2GIG® EDGE™ Security and Automation Panel. Packed with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) and edge analytics, the new 2GIG EDGE panel delivers the industry’s first secure face recognition touchless disarm. Engineered using edge analytics and with technology built right into the panel ensures homeowner’s biometric data stays secure by saving it only on the panel. Once homeowner data is deleted, it is deleted forever. Another industry first includes 100 percent compatibility with live feed of ONVIF cameras to the 2GIG EDGE panel. This allows homeowners to use existing ONVIF devices for their surveillance needs; all built on a foundation of security and data privacy. Upgraded with a new intuitive user interface in an exceptionally powerful and secure platform, the 2GIG EDGE panel not only supports encrypted sensors and devices but now provides the most secure way to disarm a system with hands-free convenience -- no phones to carry or codes to remember.

The 2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel is housed in a modern, sleek design that is 50 percent thinner and offers a higher resolution edge-to-edge glass screen that eliminates plastic bezels, is five times brighter and twice as large. Other upgrades include dual microphones with noise and echo cancellation and front firing speakers that enable two-way voice communication for best-in-class audio quality. Additional features include a built-in radio and wi-fi communications, camera and glass break sensor. And, its 1.6 Gigahertz (GHz) quad-core processor combined with its built-in edge analytics make it one of the fastest panels on the market and four times faster and more powerful than previous generation 2GIG panels.

“Our 2GIG EDGE panel is born from security and not built from a tablet design. It provides the elevated capabilities consumers expect while delivering the most secure experience consumers have been wanting. Engineered with advanced edge analytics and face recognition touchless disarm, a first in the industry, our panel surpasses the IQ of any other smart home security panel on the market today. We know this is a game-changer positioned to take considerable market share evidenced by the enormous distributor and dealer demand from our pre-launch programs, of which over seventy percent of dealers are new-to-brand,” said Bruce Mungiguerra, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Nortek Control. “As the most reliable and most secure panel on the market, the 2GIG EDGE panel is destined as the industry’s go-to install enabling dealers and integrators to showcase the added value of what a professionally-installed system can offer.”

Nortek Control developed the 2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel to be the center of today’s smart home making it compatible with a broad array of home technologies and products. The panel allows users to seamlessly connect to cameras, doorbell cameras and directly view video in real time from up to eight different camera feeds. Further increasing security and data privacy, encrypted sensors and devices help eliminate system hacks and prevent account take-overs. Plus, integrators are able to customize the panel to a homeowner’s personal needs with controls, rules, scenes, notifications and Smart Areas™ zone partitioning. All this, plus the simple set-up and the rock-solid reliability that the 2GIG brand is known for, enables dealers to maximize productivity and sell a more compelling, complete solution that also opens the door for future smart home automation up-sell opportunities.

“The design of the 2GIG EDGE Security and Automation Panel brings together the best of Nortek Control intelligent AI, advanced home automation, audio, wireless and security technologies. The features these technologies enable culminate in layers and layers of value to homeowners while giving dealers and integrators a competitive advantage in selling the evolution of home automation and security. It is truly a next-generation platform that can scale and expand to meet future needs,” said Quinto Petrucci, Vice President of Product Management for the Nortek Control 2GIG brand. “We know that face recognition is a convenient plus, and to ensure consumers are extremely confident with this feature, the design of the 2GIG EDGE panel takes privacy protection to the next level. By processing analytics on the edge, sensitive biometric data is never sent over the internet. And, the integration of anti-spoofing technology ensures only the real live person can disarm the system.”

These advanced technologies and features earned the 2GIG EDGE Security Panel the coveted CTA 2021 Security and Surveillance Product of the Year Mark of Excellence Award. The panel has also gone through rigorous beta testing with integrators and users, the largest beta program ever undertaken at Nortek Control, who had the following review comments:

  • “I can’t believe how fast this thing is. It’s the fastest communicator we have ever seen.”
  • “Video on panel is my favorite feature --seeing all the cameras on the keypad is great.”
  • “The responsiveness and small size of the panel are my favorite features.”
  • “Face recognition, it has the cool factor and is fast to respond.”

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