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May 15, 2020

Abode Launches Redesigned Security System Companion App

Abode, a Nice brand and the leader in DIY smart home security in the US, today announces the all new Abode mobile app for their all-in-one security solution, Iota, and the Abode Smart Security Kit.

Built from the ground up, the new Abode app represents a complete overhaul of the previous version, providing all new features and functionality to Abode users across the ecosystem. With this update, users can access all Abode system settings and integrations directly via the mobile app. Previously, Abode’s web app was required to accomplish specific tasks and adjust certain settings. Moving forward, Abode users may use the mobile app exclusively to make any and all adjustments to their system.

Built natively for both iOS and Android, impact on device battery life has been dramatically reduced while app responsiveness has been optimized resulting in a streamlined app experience. By popular demand, the new Abode app includes builds for iPadOS and Android Tablets giving users the options to manage and control their Abode smart home security system from the tablet of their choice.

A revamped dashboard now gives Abode users access to all the essentials of their system without the need to navigate to a second page. With the new app installed, users can quickly review their camera feed, timeline, quick actions, as well as arm disarm right from the dashboard. Lastly, the new Abode app enables access to multiple accounts. Designed for users with multiple systems in multiple locations such as a second home or vacation property, Abode users can now switch between multiple accounts without having to fully log out. This feature gives users the freedom and flexibility to quickly and easily check on the safety and security of multiple locations.

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