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February 6, 2021

The HySecurity Website: From the Late ’90s to the Latest Update

In today’s world, changes in technology and design occur at a rapid pace. What was considered groundbreaking yesterday is modern today, and what’s new today is outdated tomorrow. While this idea can be applied to many aspects of business, it’s especially true regarding technology and design.

Recently, the HySecurity brand completed a holistic change to its website to better align with global brand standards and make accessing information easier for their customers. We sat down with Aaron Marbet, Senior Web Developer at Nice North America, to discuss.

“Websites in the late ’90s were novel, custom HTML-coded solutions that required a ‘web master’ to build and maintain and weren’t considered a ‘must-have’ for most businesses outside the tech industry. But having a website showed that a company was forward-thinking,” says Aaron. “Digital tools, such as Wix, didn’t exist and most websites could be easily replicated today using modern office applications, but were innovative for the era. For example, the original HySecurity website in 1998:”

Like Lauro Buoro in the early days of Nice, HySecurity leaders were pioneers and purpose-built a website to establish the presence and communicate with customers. This presence went from novel to necessity in subsequent years and the HySecurity website evolved in design and capabilities.

By 2005, the foundation for future versions was in place. The company also alternated between and domains – a practice detrimental for user experience and search by today’s standards.

For ten years, the site went through minor changes to content and pages; until February 2015, when it evolved into the previous version of the site. The next major updates arrived in 2016 and 2017 after the company was acquired by Nice.

In January of 2021, experienced its most radical change to date.

While the outward design is a visual evolution, the new site backend really transforms how we communicate with customers. Communications and content are now directly managed within the platform by multiple marketing team members, further optimized with pre-developed templates, while more critical pages and customization is managed by me with custom-built tools. Marketing never had this much control or capability in the past.

As a Nice brand, we chose design elements and navigation styles more closely aligned with the corporate, global identity. Now, when transitioning from Nice to the HySecurity website, users experience a similar look and feel that reinforces and boosts equity for both brands.

From wireframes to launch, the website development took place overall of 2020 and involved a local cross-functional team and input from HQ.

We’re looking forward to adding more tools and functionality to make doing business easier in 2021 and beyond. And of course, we highly recommend everyone to navigate the website and take a look.

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