December 16, 2018

Programming Motorized Window Coverings Can Be Easy. Really.

Convenience is the hallmark of modern life. Every innovation is intended to make our existence easier, complete mundane tasks faster, or enhance our daily experiences in some way. Motorized window coverings can boast all of these benefits. They are easy to install and a breeze to operate. However, after automatic shades or blinds are installed, each motor must be programmed to the user’s specifications. Many automated window treatments use a master controller or a remote to painstakingly program each motor, one at a time. Extensive training is required before installers can learn how to operate the controls and frustration is a foregone conclusion. If technology is designed to make our lives easier, shouldn’t programming it be easy too?

A Brief History of Automation

Early inventions enhanced strength and dexterity, aiding prehistoric humans with tasks necessary for survival like hunting, cooking and building shelters. These handheld tools were later developed into mechanical devices like wheels and levers. Eventually, humans invented mechanisms that operated on the power of nature rather than human strength like windmills and waterwheels. The steam engine powered the birth of the Industrial Revolution, and the modern era of rapid-fire innovation was born. Before long, machines could get energy from sources like electricity, nuclear and solar power. Each new development in the history of machinery has brought with it an increased requirement for devices to harness the power of the machines we invent.  For example, in the early days of the steam engine, an operator would open and close valves to regulate the amount of steam power. This was later automated with the invention of the flyball governor.

Enter Automation — The Natural Evolution of Mechanization

Mechanization soon evolved into automation, and with automation comes the need to control it. The interior temperature of most buildings is regulated with an automatic thermostat. When the thermostat senses a drop in the room temperature, it closes an electrical switch and turns on the heating mechanism. Once the desired temperature is reached, the switch opens again and the heat is turned off. Motorized window treatments have similar advantages, including the ability to start and stop at any height, operate at a consistent speed, maintain precise hem bar alignment, and detect obstacles. What if there was an intuitive programming tool that was as simple to use as the shades themselves, yet equally sophisticated in its abilities?

Automation Made Easy

Nice has revolutionized industry standards for programming window treatment motors. Nice Era Inn motors are the easiest in the industry to program, thanks to a proprietary tool that communicates directly with the motor. The versatile TTPRO device allows for seamless integration with Building Automation Systems. To set the start and stop heights, simply find the desired top position, push a button on the device, wait for the light to stop blinking, and the upper shade limit has been set. It’s that easy. Repeat to set the desired lower limit. Regardless of the tube size used within the window treatment, the up and down ramping speed can be controlled to ensure precise hem bar alignment across multiple windows and window treatments. Nice is the rare company in the industry that can maintain hem bar alignment across varied tube sizes. Users can also easily program the desired action to be taken when an obstacle is detected. Nice smart motors can be connected to a digital network via DIN modules. This feature is especially useful in large commercial applications. It significantly cuts installation time by allowing installers to program multiple window motors at the same time using their laptop. Diagnostics can be run remotely on a single window or the entire system. The Nice DIN module can even be plugged into a Radio Frequency (RF) motor to loop those window coverings into the digital network.

A Nice Convenience Like No Other

Innovative technology should be as easy to program as it is to install and use. If it’s not simple to control, is it even an upgrade to our already-hectic life? When choosing motors for automated window treatments, keep the focus on convenience. To learn more about the intuitive TTPRO programming tool, and the increased efficiency and time savings it provides for window treatment installers, contact us!

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