January 24, 2019

How Does One Explain Superior Function with Similar Form? It’s What’s Inside That Counts

While all automated shades and blinds use tubular motors, only Era Inn motors are designed based on DC technology — with integrated AC converters. The DC design provides significant technical benefits, including the fact that they use 2/3 less energy than AC motors, even when running on AC power. And because they’re so energy efficient, a normal building grid can typically supply sufficient power, so they can provide big savings on installation costs relative to systems designed around AC motors. And that’s just the start of the advantages of having Era Inn motors inside your screen and blind systems.

It’s a simple fact that direct-driven DC motors operate with more precision than AC motors. Accordingly, with the Era Inn’s DC-based motors, the speed you choose is absolute, no matter the size of the motor or the shade it is operating. Even when using our integrated AC converter, you get constant motor rotation speed at any load condition. And that’s an advantage that conventional AC motors, which produce inherently inconsistent speed, simply cannot match. The bottom line is you can choose to operate your electric motorized screen and shade systems on a low voltage 24-volt power supply, or use the integrated AC converter to operate on 110-volt to 240-volt power, without compromising any of the Era Inn functionality.

Because of their absolute precision, Era Inn motors provide superior hem bar alignment. With conventional AC motors, even slight speed differences from window to window will throw shade hems out of alignment in the absence of an expensive electronic fix for each unit. The absolute and inherent precision of Era Inn motors, on the other hand, keeps grouped hem bars absolutely aligned — always. So if you’re seeking the visual aesthetic of hem bar alignment, Era Inn motors not only provide a better, but also much more economical, solution when you’re specifying systems for hundreds, or even thousands, of rooms.

The Era Inn motor design also enables its unique slow start/soft stop feature that accelerates and decelerates the tubular motor’s speed for a set number of revolutions corresponding to settings of the limit switch. It’s easier on the system and easier on the eyes as users experience the shade’s smooth operation in action.

Programming speed and setting limits with Era Inn motors is easy using any of several remote control devices with intuitive graphic interfaces. And you can even fine-tune the limits using simple pushbuttons on the motor head quickly — and without tools. Modular 3rd party control units can be easily integrated and controlled by BusT4 bi-directional communication wires, or simple Dry Contact closure. It’s the ultimate in simple automation control and flexibility. Ask your Nice sales staff for more information.

Era Inn’s motors run significantly cooler than any conventional AC motor. So while AC motors can be prone to overheating and shut-off during the often constant testing during installation and configuration, your installers will thank you for ensuring uninterrupted operation with Era Inn motors, because they virtually never overheat. In addition to uninterrupted operation, installers will love the ease of fine-tuning limits with the simple pushbuttons positioned on the motor head, as well as the fact that, should you choose all DC operation, they can run their own DC wiring without having to involve a licensed electrician. That’s especially helpful when there is no AC power outlet near the window, which is common in retrofit scenarios.

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